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April 23- May 4,  2014







Educational Center for the Arts Exhibit


Reception and Awards Ceremony: Sunday, May 4,  2 - 4pm.

Awards ceremony at 3pm.


Including students in Southern New Haven County (includes schools, public and private, in Amity, Orange, New Haven, Hamden, East Haven, West Haven, North Haven, Branford, Cheshire, North Branford, Woodbridge, Guilford, Milford, Madison and Wallingford)


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Elizabeth Greeley Memorial Portfolio Competition Awards:

$50 Mairin Hayes, Educational Center for the Arts

$300 Zoe Grinder, Educational Center for the Arts

$300 Elizabeth Pallman, Amity Regional High School

$300 Jeremy Wolin, Amity Regional High School


Arts Council of Greater New Haven Award $25

Arianna Alamo, Cacti, Educational Center for the Arts


Photo Arts Collective Award $25

Vikki Young, Night Lights, Educational Center for the Arts


New Haven Brush & Palette Club Awards, 6@$25

Sarah Lynch, Ali, Daniel Hand High School

Ashley Sandoval, Acrylic Abstract, Mark T. Sheehan High School

Arianna Lawless, Dark Night/Blue Day, North Haven High School

James Garvey, Vertical with Red, Hamden High School

Mark Sejourne, Snowy Owl, Guilford High School

Dylan Morris, Trees, Guilford High School


Elizabeth Greeley Memorial Award $50

Sarah Schlick, Newspaper Dress, Mark T. Sheehan High School


John Slade Ely House Awards, 5@$50

Ali Amatrudo, Orbit, Daniel Hand High School

Angie Stong, Untitled, Sacred Heart Academy

Heather Wu, Storm Hill, Daniel Hand High School

Toni Chambers, Gauche, West Haven High School

Veronica Sills, Alice in Wonderland, North Haven High School


New Haven Paint & Clay Club Awards, 2@$50

Julia Bujalski, Squish, North Haven High School

Kayla Gomez, Sunset Glowing Atop Nature’s Sprout, North Haven High School


New Haven Paint & Clay Club Awards, 5@$100

Courtney Haigler, My Little World, Educational Center for the Arts

Catherine Peng, Jenn, Daniel Hand High School

Amal Alharbi, Islam is Against Terrorism, West Haven High School

Najah Josie, My Life’s Model, Cooperative Arts & Humanities High School

Olivia Nace, Shadowplay, Educational Center for the Arts


Jordan Abeshouse Memorial Award $100

Will Hull, Flying, Diving..., Educational Center for the Arts



January 26- March 9, 2014




Michael Angelis

Jeff konigsberg

J.D. Richey


Closing Reception, March 9, 2-5pm


Read Allan Appel's Write-up of Cityscapes in New Haven Independent


John Slade Ely House launches its 2014 exhibition schedule with Cityscapes an exhibition of painting, drawing, and mixed media works by artists who document their environment. Participating artists are Michael Angelis, Jeff Konigsberg, and J.D. Richey. There will be a public reception for the artists on Sunday, February 2, from 2-5pm.


Michael Angelis and J.D. Richey find interesting points of view of the city in the course of daily life. Both either residing or working in New Haven they include plein air painting as part of their art making practice. Documenting a city under development and renewal they record the juxtaposition of highway construction, city, state, and federal buildings, churches, and residential buildings that intersect and layer in our visual space. 


In his “Drawings For Manhattan/City States” series Jeff Konigsberg draws and paints over digital prints of Manhattan. Some views in the work being aerial, others ground level, he envisions a city in the post Sandy hurricane period. His is an apprehensive view of the city, walled in with concrete, attempting to forestall the approaching destructive forces of nature.




November 17- January 19, 2014


Digital Ground


Holiday Hours:

Regular hours through Sunday December 22.

Open Saturday and Sunday December 28 and 29, 2-5pm

Reopen Saturday January 4th


Catalina Barroso Luque   Claudia Cron

Tom Hebert   Ken Lovell   Ken Morgan

Paulette Rosen   Paul Theriault


Digital Ground is an exhibition that explores the potential of combining digitally produced material in conjunction with traditional art practices such as drawing, painting, and photography. Use of recycled or repurposed materials as well as first hand production are included in the artists creative processes. Works as varied as Paulette Rosen’s scanned and drawn upon images of birds to Catalina Barroso Luque’s projected photo collage installation to Paul Theriault’s looping digital video works offer a survey of the ways artists are incorporating new technology into their art practices.



Ken Morgan, "VISUALTRICK#5", Digital Print



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