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March 22 – April 12, 2015

Paint & Clay 114th Annual Juried Art Exhibition

Opening Reception:
March 22, 2015, 2– 5 pm. Awards will be presented at 3 pm.


The Visual Arts Advisory Group (VAAG) of 

The Arts Council of Greater New Haven presents:

Canvases for Cancer -Research

Exhibition/ Fundraiser

At John Slade Ely House


January 14 – January 18, 2015


Thank you for participating in Canvases for Cancer--Research, an exhibition/fundraiser to support cancer research that will be presented at John Slade Ely House. This project is the brain child of Katro Storm, artist and member of the Visual Arts Advisory Group (VAAG) of the Arts Council.


Drop Off Dates:

January 6,7,8 Wed-Fri, (11am – 4pm)  


Drop Off location:

John Slade Ely House at

51 Trumbull St, New Haven




Sunday, January 18, 2015, 2-5pm

2-4 pm: party and bidding

4-5pm: payments made for winning bids


Help celebrate C for C

Please bring a food item to share!


Download Entry Form




November 23- December 21, 2014


2014 Exhibition of Undergraduate College Artwork in Connecticut


Public Reception: Sunday, December 7th, 2-5pm


Closed Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, Nov. 27th


Albertus Magnus College

Fairfield University

Gateway Community College

Manchester Community College

Norwalk Community College

Paier Art College

Sacred Heart University

Southern Connecticut State University

University of Connecticut

Yale University


The John Slade Ely House is happy to announce the 2014 Exhibition of Undergraduate College Artwork in Connecticut which runs from November 23 through December 21. Participating students are enrolled in colleges public and private in the state of Connecticut. A variety of media are represented including photography, painting, drawing, sculpture, mixed media, and installation. The biennial exhibition hopes to provide students an introduction to the practice of exhibiting and engaging audiences for their artwork. A Public Reception will be held on Sunday, December 7th from 2-5pm and is free and open to the public.

October 12- November 9, 2014


Opening Reception: Sunday, October 12, 2–5 pm

An exhibit of contemporary art by Brazilian artists
including, photography, painting, video, drawing.
Curated by Leticia Galizzi

Alice Quaresma, Gabriel Giucci, Leticia Galizzi
Luiz Flavio, Marcelo Drummond, Marco Giannotti, Sacha Ingber

Brazil’s ambiguous relationship with Western Europe often assumes the form of a problematic quest for authenticity in a culture plagued by a feeling of double exoticism, foreign in Europe and yet not entirely native in America. Sérgio Buarque de Holanda opens Roots of Brazil claiming Brazilians to be “exiles in our own land” and 50 years later Roberto Schwartz speaks of a Brazilian sense of harboring “misplaced ideas.” Aren’t we all at least a bit exiled and our ideas at least a bit displaced? Brazilian culture is traversed with this keen sense of displacement.
The Brazilian artists featured in this exhibit work under the pressure of being at once beneficiaries and victims of the particular culture into which they happen to have been born.

Luiz Flavio, Two Pillows


May 14- July 20

Curated By Paul Clabby and Debbie Hesse

and: Community Doll Collection

Opening Reception: Sunday May 18, 2-5pm

Lani Asuncion
Susan Clinard
Cara DeAngelis
Silas Finch
T. Foley
Mary Giehl
Tine Kindermann
Laura Marsh
Margaret Roleke
Joe Saccio
Kimberly Mikenis

Doll-Like brings together artists working across disciplines and media who integrate ideas pertaining to dolls into their artwork.  Puppets, marionettes, figurines, action figures and even living dolls are substitutes for our self, offering a vehicle to communicate and examine ideas about play, therapy, magic, ritual, spirituality, memory, scale, empathy, identity, gender and notions of beauty and idealized form. Subverting traditional ideas that we associate with this familiar emblem of our individual and collective humanness, this show aims to challenge our preconceptions and stereotypes.

Kimberly Mikenis, Video Still: Lost And Found.


January 26- March 9, 2014




Michael Angelis

Jeff konigsberg

J.D. Richey


Closing Reception, March 9, 2-5pm


Read Allan Appel's Write-up of Cityscapes in New Haven Independent


John Slade Ely House launches its 2014 exhibition schedule with Cityscapes an exhibition of painting, drawing, and mixed media works by artists who document their environment. Participating artists are Michael Angelis, Jeff Konigsberg, and J.D. Richey. There will be a public reception for the artists on Sunday, February 2, from 2-5pm.


Michael Angelis and J.D. Richey find interesting points of view of the city in the course of daily life. Both either residing or working in New Haven they include plein air painting as part of their art making practice. Documenting a city under development and renewal they record the juxtaposition of highway construction, city, state, and federal buildings, churches, and residential buildings that intersect and layer in our visual space. 


In his “Drawings For Manhattan/City States” series Jeff Konigsberg draws and paints over digital prints of Manhattan. Some views in the work being aerial, others ground level, he envisions a city in the post Sandy hurricane period. His is an apprehensive view of the city, walled in with concrete, attempting to forestall the approaching destructive forces of nature.




November 17- January 19, 2014


Digital Ground


Holiday Hours:

Regular hours through Sunday December 22.

Open Saturday and Sunday December 28 and 29, 2-5pm

Reopen Saturday January 4th


Catalina Barroso Luque   Claudia Cron

Tom Hebert   Ken Lovell   Ken Morgan

Paulette Rosen   Paul Theriault


Digital Ground is an exhibition that explores the potential of combining digitally produced material in conjunction with traditional art practices such as drawing, painting, and photography. Use of recycled or repurposed materials as well as first hand production are included in the artists creative processes. Works as varied as Paulette Rosen’s scanned and drawn upon images of birds to Catalina Barroso Luque’s projected photo collage installation to Paul Theriault’s looping digital video works offer a survey of the ways artists are incorporating new technology into their art practices.



Ken Morgan, "VISUALTRICK#5", Digital Print



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