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The John Slade Ely House is not currently holding any exhibitions.

The John Slade Ely House is a non-profit art center located in the audubon arts district of New Haven. Founded in 1961 in a converted Elizabethan style residence, the John Slade Ely House is New Haven's first dedicated arts center. The Ely House program has historically included Three to Five curated and thematic group exhibitions of contemporary regional artists per year organized by the Curator and Gallery Committee. In addition The Ely House has hosted juried and member exhibitions by fine arts organizations from New Haven and Connecticut such as the New Haven Paint and Clay Club, The New Haven Brush and Palette Club, Connecticut Women Artists, Connecticut Watercolor Society, and The Calligraphy Guild of New Haven.


Jennifer Turek, Michael
Jennifer Turek, Michael
2002 Annual High School Exhibition
Photo Arts Collective Award



Frank Gardner, Mirror Vermeer
Frank Gardner, Mirror Vermeer
The Home Show, June - July, 2000

History of the Ely House
The John Slade Ely House is an English Elizabethan style house that was built in 1905 by S. G. Taylor. It was home to Doctor John Slade Ely (1860-1906), who came to New Haven in 1897 with his wife, Grace T. Ely. From 1897 up until the time of his tragic death in 1906 he held the chair of the Theory and Practice of Medicine at the Yale School of Medicine. Grace T. Ely, an active community member and supporter of the arts, desired the house to be used as an art center after her death in 1960. She hoped it would be used "for exhibiting works of art, holding art classes, lectures and recitals and as a meeting place for organizations interested in any form of art." The first exhibition was in April 1961 showing work by the New Haven Paint and Clay Club. Throughout the years the John Slade Ely House has exhibited numerous regional artists under the expertise of several curators, from its first curator, William Kent to its present curator Paul Clabby.


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