Put Your Best Foot Forward to Start a Compare and Contrast Essay

Writing a compare and compare essay usually causes some mixed feelings among students. Even though it is exciting to write, some students get stuck at a point. Some even end up contradicting themselves. Well, it may sound easier, but a compare and contrast essay is not just writing about the similarities and differences in two objects. 

What is a compare and contrast essay

To successfully write a compare and contrast paper, you need to understand what it entails. The primary objective is to strike a difference between two things with certain similarities or perform the same duties. For example, TikTok and Snapchat perform similar functions but have some fundamental differences. You would, therefore, need to state their similarities before going into the differences. 

In writing an essay of this type, choosing the right topic is critical. Afterward, you then research into the two subjects you want to compare. In doing this, pick something relevant to your audience. 

Starting a Compare and Contrast Essay

How you start your paper would determine the attention it gets after completion. Hence, you need to put your best foot forward. After selecting the two subjects to compare, you have a,

Catchy Introduction: 

The introduction of an essay is essential. It should be straightforward, clear, and concise. You start by telling the audience the purpose of the piece. Give background information about the subjects, then you follow it with a thesis statement.

Come up with a strong thesis 

The thesis statements may be short, just one sentence, but serve at the core of your paper. It is where you briefly discuss your subjects and why you choose them. Build up a solid point to wet the reading appetite of the audience.

Main body

This is where the real deal is. It is where you release all the missiles you’ve gathered through research. You give detailed information about the subjects and make a comparison. It would be best if you weren’t making assumptions, and anything you put out there was based on facts.

5 ways to attract a reader’s attention to read more

What a waste of time if no one reads your piece despite it being insightful and full of information. Well, this happens when you miss out on the necessary ingredients to grab the readers’ attention. To attract the needed responses for your paper, you need to,

Start with a question

Asking a critical question right from the start of your essay generates enthusiasm with the readers wanting to find the answer to the problem. This automatically urges them to read more.

Define your target

Not everything is meant for everything. If you want to compare toy cars, your targets should be children and not adults. Knowing your audience helps you to choose the right subjects, the mode of communication, the words to use and how deep you go into explaining it.

Be factual 

A compare and contrast piece based on just assumptions will end up in the trash. Be factual with the information you put out and back them with examples and statistics. 


Every good piece should have a great topic, well researched, well-structured, and with tempting hooks. Consider all the above if you want to come out with a masterpiece. However, if you can’t write essays of high quality by yourself, you can buy essay online and get a flawless paper written for you.

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