How To Start A Good Research Paper Introduction: Advice For Beginners

As a beginner in writing research paper, I bet you have started to feel how demanding a research paper can get. There are quite several processes and skills that you need to understand in order to become a professional research writer. Introduction is what will make the reader to fully read your paper.

Introductions and conclusions are definitely the most crucial yet complicated parts of any research papers. That is why you will find that most researchers opt to write these parts at the end. So, how do you start a good research paper introduction? Not to worry, below is some great advice for beginners.

  1. Announce the research topic
  2. The research topic is the initial part of any introduction. Give an indication of the research questions, the reader will get informed of what your research is all about, it is also a great way to pique their interest.

  3. Use attention grabber
  4. Literally, attention grabbers are quite effective when seeking attention of your readers. The way you paraphrase your introduction will determine if the reader will continue to read the rest of the paper with enthusiasm. You might have good work done on your research body, but if you have a dull introduction, the reader can easily toss it away.

  5. Think about the question(s) you will be answering
  6. The thing about introductions is that you are supposed to display an overview of your research. It is the initial stage where the writer connects with the reader to bring him or her to his or her perspective or level of thinking. The more exciting your introduction is, the more captivating it will be to the reader.

  7. General tips
  8. Here are a couple of tips that will ensure you write a sturdy introduction that will arouse interest to finally push the reader to finish reading your essay.

    • Keep it short, clear and snappy – although the length of an introduction is not limited in any way, it s a good a practice to make a sort one as you don’t want to lose your reader in the middle of it.
    • You can opt to write it at the end – sometimes, introduction might take a lot of your time and thus you can develop the habit of working on it at the end including the conclusion.

Writing strong and enchanting title can be overwhelming as you will need experience and the best tips to give your best. Check this website for a comprehensive guide of writing a smart introduction.

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